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How to learn from the course

We highly recommend you re-read the Guides we shared with you in the first lesson, and based on our recommendation, make the schedule which would work best for you.

You can find them here:
Success Guide
Power Learning Methodology
Habit Builder

The steps you will be following depend on your current English level.
Some of our students start by watching the Friends episodes with subtitles, and some of them, without. If you need to watch the episode first with the subtitles in your local language, that’s also okay!
We encourage you to try both methods and see what would be challenging but not overwhelming.

Here is a method we recommend:
WATCH the scene — Usually a 1 to 3-minute part of the episode (with English subtitles or without subtitles).
READ/ Review the Power Lesson for that scene to understand all the vocabulary, expressions, jokes, and practice pronunciation. Take notes. Print this out if you want.
RE-WATCH the scene, paying close attention to what you didn't understand before. Constantly reference the Power Lesson. Some students will watch the same scene 5-10 times in order to understand everything!

So, each journey to English Fluency is an individual endeavor, and there's no 'secret trick' or 'set of universal rules' on how to do it 'the right way'. We can only show you the way, and it's you the one who sets off on an adventure!

You may write down some of the tips we give in those guides which you feel you can apply for your learning!

Updated on: 26/10/2021

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