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How to start the course

When you buy the course our system enrolls you to our platform automatically. You will get the email titled “Redeem Your Copy of Fluent with Friends” with a link to create an account and password (it can be in your Promotion or Spam folder — look for it carefully). Please follow the instructions in the email, and from there you may access the lessons at any moment at We release a new lesson for you every 7 days.

A good practice is to bookmark the website address and save it in your favorites. You can also make a shortcut to your home screen on your smartphone or to your desktop. Then, you will be able to reach it with just one tap or click! 🎇

Also, we recommend that you write down your email and password. But don’t worry, if you forget it, there is a way to recover it.

Once you log in to the Course Portal, in addition to the Course Introduction videos and the materials from the course, we highly recommend you hit the ground running (make a strong, enthusiastic start) by reading the Fluent with Friends Success Guide.

You will get access to a new lesson on the platform every week. As you go through each step of the lesson, don’t forget to hit the ‘Complete and Continue’ button at the top right corner.

That will help you track the progress within the course.

Updated on: 26/10/2021

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