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What can I learn with the Fluent with Friends course?

Thanks for your interest in the course! Fluent with Friends is a popular course from RealLife English.

It is composed of 48 weekly lessons covering each episode of the first two seasons of the hit American TV show Friends. Each lesson comes with a set of different materials, including (depending on the plan) videos, MP3s, vocabulary training, and PDFs, breaking down all the vocabulary, pronunciation, cultural references, and so much more. This all will help you improve your listening skills: you'll be able to watch movies and TV series without subtitles and learn several thousand idioms, slang, phrasal verbs, grammar, and cultural explanations.

Although our lessons are focused on developing your listening skills, we are confident in saying that it will have a great, positive effect on the other three communication skills - reading, writing, and especially speaking.

That happens mainly because by improving your listening you will automatically improve your speaking, as they are much more interconnected than we think when we are having a natural language-learning experience - which is exactly what our lessons are focused on providing.

Moreover, by interactions with other English learners in our amazing global Fluency Circle community (on Telegram and Facebook), you will get better at writing and you will make friends with people from all over the world! Sometimes we organize meetups on Zoom, and members often meet together on Skype to practice their speaking skills. Here’s a video to learn more about the Fluency Circle.

What's more, everything mentioned above will build your confidence in speaking and communicating with natives, and other English speakers from around the world.

To read more about the plans please go here on this page where you can also find what our learners say about the Fluent with Friends course.
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Updated on: 26/10/2021

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