Just to let you know, the course itself provides support materials to facilitate your learning of the episode (PDF Power Lessons with in-depth descriptions of the entire episode, vocabulary lessons, community support, Webinars/MP3s), so it's a method that we've constructed to be used with the TV show, not as a replacement. For copyright reasons, we can’t provide you with the actual episodes of the TV series Friends.

Find instructions on how to get online access to Friends on this page.

The Standard and Complete plans of the course include special video learning materials, which are the warm-up video lessons for each of the 48 episodes in the two seasons covered. The goal of these videos (which are 8 to 20 minutes long) is to help you get started with the lessons, and be introduced to some of the new words and expressions in the episodes. Here's a sample of a warm-up video lesson.

If you are interested in these video lessons, and are on the Basic plan (that doesn’t have video lessons), you might consider upgrading to the Complete plan - contact our team at FluencyTeam@ReallifeGlobal.com and we will help you with it.
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