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I am embarrassed when speaking English

Shyness is a very common problem for language learners. Really, the only way to overcome it is by speaking more. Let me recommend a couple resources.
Firs, watch the video in which we give you 11 tips to speak better English, overcome your shyness, and communicate confidently:

Check out these podcast episodes on the topic:

How to Start a Conversation in English

Is it Possible to BE YOURSELF in English?

The Secret to Speaking English As An Introvert

Next, I really recommend watching this Ted Talk from polyglot Benny Lewis. It's been very inspirational for me as a language learner:

Finally, here are some more of our recent YouTube lessons for you:

Is it possible to be Yourself in English?
I can speak English with some fluency, but I need to improve my confidence

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Updated on: 09/11/2022

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