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What are the differences between Fluent with Friends and Native Immersion courses?

Two of our most proudest creations are Fluent with Friends and The RealLife Native Immersion Fluency Courses. They are very similar, and extremely compatible, but different in a few key ways.

The Fluent with Friends Course takes you on a 48 week Fluency Adventure using the timeless and widely popular American TV Series "Friends".
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After nearly a year of laughing, learning, and being guided by Justin and Ethan (RealLife Fluency Coaches), you will drastically improve your ability to understand natives without getting lost, without missing the jokes, and without subtitles.

The course includes:
Video Lessons (covering the best scenes from each episode)
PDF Power Lessons covering entire episodes
Weekly MP3 & PDF for Vocabulary & Pronunciation Practice
Vocabulary Flashcard Training (Spaced Repetition with Memrise)
Webinar Training (2 x 60 minute workshops)
Weekly Quiz
Completion Certificate
Strong Community Support & Practice
It has its own dedicated platform, with lifetime access to all materials.

The RealLife English Native Immersion Course is complete with 41 weeks of native lessons, which creates an exchange experience from the comfort of your own home!
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You will learn real, native English without getting bored! And these lessons are ultra-convenient! Use them anytime, anywhere.

The course is delivered to your email every week in the format:
PDF Power Lessons (more than 1500 pages)
MP3 Immersion Files (24+ hours)
Vocabulary Flashcard Training (Spaced Repetition with over 820 Anki Cards)
Global Community Support & Practice

Updated on: 26/10/2021

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