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How to join the Fluency Circle community

We are excited to see that you have been working on the lessons already! To make the most out of our course we highly encourage joining the Fluency Circle groups (our community of Global learners).

The Fluency Circle Telegram group is a great opportunity to practice speaking and writing in English, as the members are constantly chatting there, sharing video and audio messages in different conversations every day.

The group is exclusive for members of our Fluency Courses, and to get access there you need first to fill out this Registration form. After filling out the form, there’s a PDF with instructions to download Telegram and send us a message on there to add you to the group in the next few days.

For the Fluency Circle Facebook group, you’ll need to request access here first.

How to write a private message to Nilra
If you can’t write Nilra a private message, please follow this instruction:

And write to Nilra again. If that doesn’t help, please reach us at and give us your Telegram username and we’ll try to contact you.

Please give Nilra your email address, so she could check your purchase before adding it to the Fluency Circle (the group is exclusive for our students). And don’t forget to fill out this Registration Form.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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