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I want to practice my speaking

Although our lessons are focused on developing your listening skills, we are confident in saying that it will have a great, positive effect on the other three communication skills — reading, writing, and especially speaking.

That happens mainly because by improving your listening, you will automatically improve your speaking, as these abilities are much more interconnected than we think when we are having a natural language-learning experience (which is exactly what our lessons are focused on providing).

Here are a few articles we've written that may help you develop your speaking skills more naturally:

English Online: 6 Ways to Improve Your Fluency
5 Ways to Speak English in Your City
How to Overcome Embarrassment When Speaking English
Conquer Your Fear of Speaking English and Communicate with Courage

Also: Check out our RealLife English app, where you're be able to practice your speaking/ listening, and have interesting conversations, participating in speaking events with people from all around the globe!

Meanwhile, the Fluency Circle (our community of Global learners) Telegram group is a great alternative, as the members are constantly sharing video and audio messages in different conversations every day.

The group organizes speaking events almost every week. We encourage you to find a speaking partner in the group, with whom you can schedule conversations over Skype or Google Meet. You can start your search here.

We also organize Fluency Circle meetups a few times a month — stay tuned and keep your eyes on the events section on the Fluency Circle Facebook page.
Join our RealLife English App here and practice your confidence

Updated on: 26/10/2021

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