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Are there Native Speakers on the App?

While you can enjoy pre-recorded podcast lessons from our native coaches under the Podcast tab, and our coaches might jump on the app every once in a while, the purpose of the Global Speak portion of the app is to connect English speaking learners from around the world (other non-natives), which we strongly believe is an effective strategy to gain fluency.

If you're in doubt about the benefit of speaking with non-natives, we highly recommend you listen to this podcast Is it Possible to Speak Good English if I Practice with Non-Natives? with advice from some of the world's top teachers about the topic. We recorded another podcast with Rachel from Rachel's English here (one of the world's authority's on pronunciation). In that podcast, she says:

"If you had somebody who is not a native speaker that you felt comfortable with, that you were going to be able to practice speaking English with, absolutely jump on that opportunity... 'cause really it's just about forming those habits and that brain-body connection, and that can only be done by actually doing it, speaking it, spontaneous conversation."

Anyway, we encourage you to keep an open mind and listen to one or both of those podcasts, but if you're only interested in talking with natives, the speaking feature on our app is probably not a great fit for you. There are lots of apps that offer teachers you can pay for, but then again, our app is free, and in our view, we agree with Rachel: the best way to fluency is A LOT of actually doing it, speaking it, spontaneous conversation

Let us know if you have any other questions, and all the best with your learning journey!
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Updated on: 26/11/2021

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