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Can I have my camera off while talking?

We noticed that some students who just start using our app may feel nervous, shy, or embarrassed at the thought that they will press the Speak button and be connected to total strangers.

Anyone might feel uncomfortable in this type of situation, especially when they communicate in a foreign language. And the fear to be judged not only by their English but appearance as well freezes them up and doesn't allow the conversation to go smoothly.

We strongly encourage students to use both options available on the app: video calls and audio calls. But it's totally fine to turn off the camera while it's still a whole new experience for you, and if you need more time to feel comfortable showing your face.

The RealLife app was designed for English learners just like you who want to practice their listening and speaking part. And seeing your partner's gestures, emotions, facial expressions helps a lot to understand the message they want to share. And it works in both ways - learners might find it helpful to use gestures or mimics to help express themselves more clearly.

And if you feel like you need to work more on your confidence, these are great FREE resources from RealLife English:

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Updated on: 01/09/2022

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