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Is the app safe for children?

Legally speaking, this app is not made for children under 13.

For children above 13, the app will be a positive experience that will help their English and expand their worldview. They need to be serious about learning, follow the community guidelines and have the necessary maturity.

The great majority of people on the app are respectful, nice, supportive. They meet the definition of Global Citizens. They make our app stand apart from other apps.

However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind, especially with anybody who is under 18:

The app has a really amazing free, public offering, so a lot of people use it. While most people are serious learners, in a minority of cases, you may run into inappropriate behavior, such as romantic interest, disrespect, racism, and there have even been a few cases of nudity.
We do, however, take strong measures to protect the community by (a) asking everybody who uses the Global Speak feature to sign/ agree to the Global Citizen Commitment (our community code of conduct), and (b) taking action when violations are reported.
We rely on our users to report violations of the code of conduct (especially more severe cases). You'll have a chance to report any violation after each call, which will be read by us in customer success, who will evaluate and take proper action (when appropriate, warning or blocking them).

So while the majority of our learners are amazing, we're still figuring out how to build the perfect community, so we invite people to join us not only in benefiting from our little world beyond borders, but also in helping us build and keep it safe!

Updated on: 19/05/2022

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