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How to download the podcasts

The app currently does not provide a "download/ listen offline" feature, but here are a few strategies to listen to our podcast offline (for example, while you're walking your dog, cooking, running, etc 😉)

You can find us on any Podcast App by searching "RealLife English." If you don't have a Podcast App already, try out the following options:

Android: Google Podcasts is a good one (find/ subscribe to the RealLife English Podcast on Google Podcasts)

iPhone: iPhones usually have a Podcast App that comes with the phone. (find/ subscribe to the RealLife English Podcast on Apple Podcasts)

Spotify is another common place to listen to our podcast, but keep in mind that to download the Podcast, you must be a Spotify Premium user (Find/ Subscribe to the RealLIfe English Podcast on Spotify

You can also listen on our website. The benefit of our website is that you can download all past episodes.
On the above podcasts apps, you can only listen to the last 100 or so, but on our website, you have access to all of them (hundreds of them)!
For the episodes that are available on these apps, however, the offline listening experience is much better on these podcast apps though.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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