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Can't access my Premium features

If you’re a Premium user and, for some reason, stopped having access to your Premium features we suggest:

Go to the drawer menu and check if there’s a Premium tag under your name.

If you don’t, please follow the steps below:

Sign out from the app. To sign out, you must go to My Global Passport and tap the “Sign out” button. Wait a few minutes.
Sign in using the exact same method you used to create your account. For example:
a. If you created your account by writing your email and password, please follow the same steps
b. If you create your account by tapping the “Continue with Google” or “Continue with Apple”, please proceed with the respective one.

That should help you get your Premium status back right away. You can confirm your status by checking if there’s a star beside your picture at the top of the screen or a Premium tag under your name on the drawer menu.

If by any chance these steps don’t work for you, please write us at so we can investigate it further.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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