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Global Citizen Commitment

Welcome to the Global Speak!

We invite you to a world beyond borders where you will connect to speak English with other learners from around the world. To keep our community amazing we need you to make a commitment (promise) to bring your best, most global Citizen self.

As a RealLife Global Citizen you promise to:

1) Always be respectful to your speaking partners - kind, patient, supportive of cultural and linguistic difference

2) Not flirt with or express romantic interest in your partner - this is not a dating app

3) Not hang up on somebody you're connected or skip your partners - unless there is a technical issue or you feel unsafe (in this case please use the feedback form to report on the problem).

Please keep in mind:

- The connections are random - please only hang up if there's a technical issue or you feel unsafe
- The app is brand new, and issues may happen, but we are working very hard to make it an amazing experience. Your feedback is indispensable for us!
- Report any bad behavior. We are dedicated to making this app to be safe and full of global citizen values.

Join our RealLife English App here and practice your confidence

Updated on: 26/10/2021

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