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How to have a great conversation on the App

If you want to improve the quality of your connections with other students on our app, please check out what we have here for you!

To have a confident and successful conversation in order to practice your speaking it might be very helpful if students did a little prep work before going to the app. Here are some options to consider:

make a list of topics you are interested in and prepare questions for your partner. It is important that you answer them as well, as you can get the same question and it’s good if you practice the answer to gain some confidence!
one of the easiest topics - your English journey! Tell when and why you started learning English and ask your partner the same questions. Then exchange your experience and your methods of learning!
watch some of our latest lessons on Learn English with TV series channel or RealLife English, write out some new vocabulary and make a short summary of the lesson. If it was based on some movie, you can talk about the movie and then practice vocabulary with your partner and recommend a lesson to them if they haven't watched it.

Listen to our podcast on the app and grab some 2-3 ideas you would like to discuss with a partner. Ask them if they also listened to that episode and exchange what you’ve learned.

And to really make it to the next level, here are some great podcast episodes and YouTube lessons to help you go beyond borders and make meaningful connections with other English learners around the globe:

RealLife English Podcast #253 – 22+ Conversation Starters That ALWAYS Work

RealLife English Podcast #248 – English Conversation About Travel | Funny Stories!

English Speaking Practice | How to Make Good Small Talk:

How to Have a Conversation in English | Interview with Emma from mmmEnglish:

Updated on: 14/04/2022

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