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I can’t see subscription prices

If you’re trying to check our subscription plans and pricing on the app but can’t get any information, we suggest:

Try switching your network - from wi-fi to mobile data or the other way around
If you’re using mobile data, moving to a place where you can get a better signal can help you have better speed and stability
If you’re using wi-fi, moving closer to its source can help you have better stability

This issue can also be related to a blockage or sanctions between either your country and/or Google’s Cloud servers, which we use.
If you’re aware of any limitations due to blockages, to use the app, you'll probably need to use a VPN.

In this article, we explain how to find a solution for the issue.

If the suggestions above don’t help, please write us at so we can investigate it further. We will need the following information:

Your phone model and system version (iOS or Android)
RealLife app version installed on your phone
Did you get error messages or notifications when accessing the pricing page?
Did you notice if the screen took too long to load?
Are you using a VPN service?
Which country are you using this from?

This information helps us diagnose your issue and pass it on to the product team if necessary.

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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