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I'm facing video issues

If you don’t see your partner on a video call, then please pay attention to the screen:

if the screen is black it means they’re blocking the camera or having issues. We suggest you ask your partner if his camera is on and open.
if the screen is showing their profile photo/icon, then their camera is turned off. The app has a feature to choose to turn on or off the camera. Some of our users are too shy to use the video call feature.

If that isn’t the case, please write us at so we can better assist you. We need the following:

Did the video freeze or get distorted?
Did you have issues with the audio as well?
Did you face this issue only in 1 call or in all connections? (would be ideal if you could make 5 calls in a row and let us know how many of them had the reported issue)

Thank you for your support and answers! We will investigate further to bring the solution and your answers will be of great help!

Looking forward to helping you,

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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