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Why the 8 minute time limit?

We know that it's really desirable to extend the conversation with people we feel really connected to, and we are working to make that possible.

The main reason why we don't offer this is that we want to ensure that people are always connecting and reconnecting, o that every time you press the “speak now” button, there’s somebody to connect with.

When you use the app, you can collect coins 🪙🪙🪙 that will let you remove the timer (you will get some coins when you complete the Fluency Challenge). Speaking coins are tokens you can use to remove the time limit whenever you want to extend an interesting conversation.

one 🪙 coin = one conversation with extended time (your partner must accept that).

You can also buy the coins in the Orders and Subscription tab under your profile.
go to Orders and Subscription
My Orders
tap on View coins options
choose the option that fits you best.

With the Premium app you can remove the timer at all - still your partner needs to accept it :)

As our big goal is to create the best real-world English learning experience on the planet (both free and premium), we are working hard to develop new features for everybody (which you can learn more about over at our App Roadmap.

Updated on: 01/09/2022

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