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How to change your nickname on the RealLife app

It's important to have a proper name displayed near your picture. We understand it.

If you want to change your name:

Tap on the top left on the icon for your picture.

Tap on edit Passport

You can change your name and country now.

🔥 We just discovered the bug that prevents choosing your country on the app and we are going to fix it as soon as possible. Our Product Team advises to try to tap on the country combo more times and wait until it loads. Tapping on different parts of the country combo may be also helpful. Make sure that your internet connection is strong.
If that doesn't work, please let us know:
👉 your name,
👉 country,
👉 and email address,
we will try to set it manually. Write to us at

Updated on: 08/12/2021

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