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People don't hear me

If you connect to somebody and they can’t hear you, we first suggest you try:

Check if you’re not muted.
Try tapping the microphone button to deactivate and activate your mic again.
Try to use earphones (wired or Bluetooth). We recommend you connect them before opening the app
If you were using earphones, try switching to the loudspeaker.
Try checking and switching networks or improving it - getting closer to a wi-fi source or getting a better mobile data signal can improve speed and stability, avoiding issues,
Make sure you have the latest version of the app (you can check it in your App Store).

To diagnose the issue for us, please try to make 5 calls. If you face the issue in more than 3 of them, then please write to us at and let us know.

Also, please describe a bit more about the issue that you’re having. We need the following information:

your phone model and system version (iOS or Android)
the RealLife English app version installed on your phone
were you using earphones (wired or Bluetooth) or not?
do you know how fast your internet connection is? (can you test it on this page and send us a screenshot at this page?).

This information helps us diagnose your issue, and if necessary, pass it on to the product team.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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