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Speaking with Different Leveled Learners

Keep in mind that on the RealLife English App you're likely to speak with English learners of all levels - even people that struggle to communicate.

Just like any learning community, there's always people at higher and lower levels, and moments where you'll give (teach) and moments where you'll receive (learn). A few reasons why we believe in this:

Even if the person is at a lower level, you'll still be practicing your English and building fluency. The idea that the person's mistakes are contagious is a complete myth.
Remember that teaching is one of the highest forms of learning, so this is an opportunity to teach what you've learned. See yourself as a mentor, as a teacher. This means having patience, and trying to put yourself in their shoes, and remembering all the times that higher leveled learners have helped you.
Everybody has something to teach, to share, and to enrich you with. It might take more patience, but it's the essence of being a global citizen. To make the conversation more interesting, it's helpful to be able to use conversation questions to stimulate and give structure to the conversation Also, it's great to search for common interests - for example, if you're a football fan, and they are, the conversation will flow more naturally.
Finally, recognize that even if your level is higher, speaking with them is helping you become a more natural and confident English speaker. Speaking with someone at a lower level is much better than speaking with no one.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you meet lots of people on the Global Speak, and you might not want to continue in contact with most of them, but if you speak to enough people, you'll find people who can stay in touch with and practice more regularly!

It's always a good moment to review the Global Citizen Agreement to remind ourselves the community guidelines.

Are you ready to make new friends, help others out, and listen carefully and offer appropriate advice? Do you want to enhance your chances of moving forward and potentially gain insights you might not otherwise gain? Then you might consider being a mentor for other English learners.

Here are five benefits of being a mentor:

Learn more about the subject you learn (in this case it is the English language).
Demonstrate your leadership skills.
Become exposed to different thoughts and opinions (develop your empathy).
Enhance your skills.
Take delight in helping others.

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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